Showing up, Listening, and Working Hard to Deliver for Our Community.

Stu believes in service – and always has. He’s spent life learning to listen, work hard, and get results through bringing people together. These are values he learned from his community and on his family’s farm.

Working for our U.S. Senators, Stu lived out these values back to our communities, listening to our stories and concerns and working hard to find solutions. He knows that the decisions made in Saint Paul for our schools, our healthcare, and our regional economy will affect generations to come. That’s why he plans to bring our voices – from community meetings, our PTO meetings, or church basements – to the capitol.


Stu learned early on – from neighbors, teachers and friends – that we show up for each other. Whether it was the folks who jumped in to haul wet bales out of the ditch when his trailer overturned or the neighbors who thought of his brother for welding projects when he was getting his business off the ground, Stu knows that we show up for each other, especially when we need it most.